Basic Campaign

Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane session 3

Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane

Further travel into the caves leads to a large cavern with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. To the left of our group in the corner is a ten foot tall wall with a small cave roughly forty feel in width. A glint of something can be seen in this little cave. Off to the right the cave descents in ten foot drops every forty feet or so to create “shelves”.

Ferren heads off to the cave with the glint and notices some movement up there as a large creature shifts. After a failed attempt to climb up the leftmost section, Samm makes an attempt and is able to climb up a few feet over and is greeted by an upset Adamantine Dragon. The large creature completely forgets about it’s triggering Wing attack (silly dm) and Samm knocks it out of the perch with an attack.

A dragon is defeated after a battle that includes some powerful attacks on both sides, placing it into another dimension while the group regathers and heals and decimates the poor dragon upon it’s confused return to reality.

The small pile of treasure is gathered into a bag of holding except some useful magic items that are distributed to those who can use them.

XP: 5000 (/5 = 1,000XP Each)



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