Andok Sur

Yeah. I’ve seen it. Mordain’s light doesn’t shine into that crevas tore into the land. The dead are just crawling out and infecting the countryside. It’s just that… Well, someone has to do something about it. — Mendinkar, Fighter

Beyond the storm-shrouded peak of Thunderspire Mountain, hidden beneath the desolate reaches of the Old Hills, the necropolis of Andok Sur rests in eternal slumber. At least, it had been resting until the lich Magroth entered the entombed site and attempted to raise an army of undead. Though Magroth failed, Andok Sur remains active, lending new dangers to the Old Hills and the surrounding areas.

The Old Hills are now seeing an increase of wandering undead and there is fear they may reach some of the nearby settlements.

Walking or riding into the Old Hills from the base of Thunderspire leads to a relatively new feature of the area. A gaping hole in the earth shows where part of the hillside collapsed into the ground. The sinkhole opens to reveal a huge cavern containing the sunken city of Andok Sur.


  • Various factions are warring for control of the city. Including a Lich, Wight, Vampire and Zombie. Although the Lich is said to have been slain by a group.
  • A Vampire was spotted in Fallcrest. Is this a vampire from Andok Sur?
  • A plague that appeared around the same time has been infecting others and spreading farther.
  • Tales mention strange storms in the Old Hills that cause travelers to get lost.


Maps of the city are scare. The following map was recorded by a group of adventurer’s that has been rumored to have visited deep within the city and survived.

Andok sur

Andok Sur

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